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We are simplifying the way businesses find and hire video professionals.

When Chee-Hyung needed a company video, he had one tool: Google. He searched and visited each website. Reviewed samples and filled out a contact form. Repeated this numerous times, then he waited.

Two weeks till beta launch, he was still searching for a video producer. If only the productions could submit bids instead of this time consuming back and forth. The idea for Virect was born. Chee-hyung left his company to create a service that simplifies video production. Today, Virect has delivered over 400 videos with 800 plus professionals connected to its platform.

If you’re getting started, Virect provides lightening-quick feedback on all your questions. Length, budget, type, and connections to some of the best creators out there. Making a great video is hard. Stop wasting your energy before starting; focus on getting the best video possible.

Based in San Francisco, we are a diverse team of technical, creative, and managerial talent. Our degrees range from Computer Science to Philosophy from top universities around the world. We have experience working at some of the largest tech giants and ad agencies. We are ready to raise our service to the next level.