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Frequently Asked Questions


Virect’s marketplace platform allows you to set your own budget. Our support team will help select a video partner that matches your timeline and budget.

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Virect charges a service fee of 10% for each successful video. This amount will be added to your project total when you click to hire your video professional.

Our marketplace model helps ensure that you connect with the best video professional at your price. You can rest assured that your price is set, with no worries about added costs or fees, and your satisfaction guaranteed.

Yes. Using the Virect platform, you can click to call, chat and email with creators in the Virect network. We are here to help you choose the best creator for your project.

Simply post your project and a Virect representative will contact you to confirm your project details and post your video to our network of creators

From there, you’ll get access to the Virect platform, and will start getting proposals from our talented video professionals. Review portfolio videos and select your video partner on the Virect dashboard.

The team at Virect is here to help make recommendations based on your project requirements and to answer any questions. (Look for Virect Recommended Star and Best Reviews!).

You can easily pay by credit card on the Virect platform. 50% of the total is due once you hire your video partner, and the remaining amount is due at the completion of the video.

If you’re not sure what you want yet, start off by entering basic information. What does your company do; what do you want to accomplish with this video; are there sample videos you like?
Your goal is to help the creator visualize what story you’re trying to tell with your video.

In addition to being available for support needs or questions, we make paperwork part easy - we handle payment processing, contracts and facilitate communication with your video partner. We guarantee that you get a quality video, at your budget and on your timeline.

Start using the workroom and get rolling on your project! If you haven’t already, upload key collateral materials (including your company logo, sample videos, storyboard and list of shots you want to include).


No. You can show your interest without submitting a proposal. The client will have access to your portfolio, and sometimes that can be enough. For bigger projects, we recommend submitting a proposal.

Your proposal is your opportunity to showcase your talent and expertise for this project to the client. The client will review all of the submissions and decide which creator to work with based on the proposals.

Generally, you submit a proposal for the project and if the client selects yours, you have the job. Sometimes, clients who are so impressed with your portfolio can contact you directly about working on a project together.

No, there is no standard form for proposals. Client usually base their decision on a quick synopsis of your idea along with relevant samples.

The information available on the project page is all of the information the client has shared. All of the information is made public with the client’s consent.

No, you should not reach out to the client before they decide which creator to work with. If you have questions about the project, you can use the Q&A feature on the project page to ask questions, and the client will respond.

There are three things required for you to submit a proposal. You need to add a profile picture, add videos to your portfolio, and add your account information so you can get paid. After doing these three steps, you should be able to submit your proposal.

One of the biggest factors that clients take into account when selecting a creator is the creator’s previous work. Uploading your portfolio is a chance to showcase your talents and significantly increases your odds of getting selected.

No. We have informed the client through the posting process, and they have decided on the current budget. The client will judge your proposal based on the creative content.

Congratulations! Make sure the client clicks on the “Hire” button through the site. You’ll receive a notification email when they do. You should now reach out to the client and start.

Virect will release your payment to the bank account you entered in your profile. The client will notify us when they the final video, and we will release the payment within 7 days of notification.

We charge a 10% referral fee to the creator. For a $1,000 budget video, we release $900 upon completion, minus any transactional costs for credit cards, etc.

You can include any terms or payment schedules in your proposal. By default, Virect charges the client 50% at the beginning and 50% at the very end when they download the final video. But we understand different schedules can be necessary for expenses such as hiring talent, location, etc. Just make sure to reach an agreement with the client and tell us too; we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

When a creator is chosen, the rights to all work will be transferred to the client upon finalization of the project. After this transfer the only right retained by the creator is the right to include the works in their portfolio / reel for the purposes of promotion. This right can excluded from the transfer when the explicitly requested by the client.

When a creator does not win a project, the client does not have the rights to the materials that the creator produced in the pitch process. When a creator does not win a project, that creator does not have the right to distribute, reuse or profit from any works that make use of the client's assets, except where given explicit permission.

In all circumstances the rights to the original assets (provided by the client) will remain with the client, and creators do not have any rights to assets outside of the scope of the project, unless explicitly granted by the client.